Racing Club de Tir Douessin

Sport shooting,

 relaxation, concentration, 

friendliness, security



The club welcomes you on :


* wenesday and saturday

   - 14 h to 15 h : children school

   - 15 h to 17 h : adults 


* sunday

   - 10 h to 12 h 30, adults only


Address : the club is based at Les Epinètes, 49260 Vaudelnay, close to Doué la Fontaine, in the direction to Puy-Notre-Dame.


To get information in english ask for Ian Hayward or Lionel LAFFITTE at the club, at :

- 02 41 53 69 47 (during opening time)


You will benefit from ranges of 25, 50, 100 m.


The licence price is 155 €.

Each time you come to shoot the access to ranges costs 2.00 €, including the target.


The club lends you weapons (2.00€) : pistols, revolvers, rifles, in different calibers.


At the bar you will enjoy a coffee or a beer, and a chat with french and other english shooters. Sometimes you will benefit from someone who offers a round of bubbles.






The licence must be taken before the 30th of september which allows anyone to get access to ranges.


 bring your Record Card


See schedule here